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Re: Installation on a LVM partition


On 09/07/2013 17:36, Victor Santos wrote:
> I'd installed, to be more precise:
> 1. Extracted all sets that I want in root.
> 2. Configured, /etc/fstab and /etc/rc.conf (missing something ?)
> 2. Pointed GRUB2 of Arch Linux to load NetBSD kernel.
> after this kernel is loaded correctly, but theres a problem in mount
> root device, tried --root=/dev/Vol0/netbsd and --root=Vol0/netbsd and no
> success.
> I think that the problem is because the LVM module (dm ?) isn't loaded
> earlier root mount.
> On linux it can be done adding module to initrd/initramfs on FreeBSD can
> be done recompiling kernel.
> So I think for boot correctly a I've to recompile NetBSD kernel with LVM
> module, if I'm correct, is possible compile NetBSD kernel from linux or
> from FreeBSD ?
> obviously if have other way of LVM module be loaded earlier root mount
> instead of recompile kernel will be great!

In usual situations, the NetBSD bootloader is able to load kernel
modules for the kernel when starting it. As Michael said, this is not a
usual situation here.

However, it might be possible to create a NetBSD ramdisk, have it stored
inside the kernel (so that it works with Grub) and place the basic LVM
tools required on it. My
current-work-on-cgdroot-which-I-must-commit-this-week is doing a similar
thing - and likewise, I do have to hardcode the ramdisk into my Xen
kernel when virtualizing.


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