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Re: Installation on a LVM partition

On Jul 8,  8:25pm, Victor Santos wrote:
} Is possible install NetBSD on a LVM partition ?, I've searched a lot but
} nothing about this, only found information for a Installed system.

     Not really.  Basic problem is that the boot code doesn't
understand LVM and thus wouldn't be able to find the kernel.  The
first stage boot loader wouldn't even be able to find the second
stage boot loader (/boot).

} I currently use Linux, and have two HD (sda1,sda2/wc0,wc1) each HD have
} a unique LVM partition on entire HD, so create a partition outside LVM
} is out of question and I don't want this.

     Even in the Linux world you can't install on a LVM partition.
You have a small regular partition containing the kernel, ramdisk
image, grub, grub.conf, and various other items.  The stuff in the
ramdisk image is responsible for initialising the LVM subsystem
(along with a few other things), then doing a "pivot root" operation
to the "real" root filesystem located on an LVM partition.  The
installer hides all this "magic" from you.  On a Fedora system,
/boot is the small regular partition which the boot code sees.

     NetBSD doesn't have a "pivot root" operation, so you would
have to put the root filesystem on a regular partition, but could
put the rest of the filesystems on an LVM partition.

}-- End of excerpt from Victor Santos

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