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Installation on a LVM partition


Is possible install NetBSD on a LVM partition ?, I've searched a lot but
nothing about this, only found information for a Installed system.

I currently use Linux, and have two HD (sda1,sda2/wc0,wc1) each HD have
a unique LVM partition on entire HD, so create a partition outside LVM
is out of question and I don't want this.

I've only a VG and it's extend two PV and in the VG (Vol0) have a lot of

I've booted on NetBSD and launched sh, # lvm vgchange -ay detect and it
activate the VG and LVs, so I think that is possible to install NetBSD
on a LVM paritions, but this question: how to do this ?

Thanks in advance and sorry my terrible english.

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