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Re: How to use x11 nouveau on NetBSD

So what ur saying is that the latest AMD cards will run on NetBSD but because nouveau requires KMS the latest nvidia cards are not supported?

Is it possible to port the FreeBSD nvidia driver, or the KMS tools they are using?

On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 1:45 PM, Pierre Pronchery <> wrote:
                Hi Mayuresh, NetBSD users,

On Sun, 16 Dec 2012 11:42:26 +0530, Mayuresh wrote:
> I have an old Nvidia GeForce3 video card, which is supported by
> xf86-video-nv x11 driver available in pkgsrc.

(if it works reasonably well, I think it is your best option with this

> Till now I never tried to check whether 3D games etc. would work on
> NetBSD. I decided to try out a couple of games on NetBSD - tuxracer and
> supertuxkart.
> As such the acceleration these games need is not working and some

That's expected, unfortunately.

> searching around tells me that nouveau module is supposed to provide
> that.

Unfortunate also that it is not as simple as that.

> Unlike other platforms where there is xf86-video-nouveau, on NetBSD
> there is

These are two different things. Both would actually be required, and then
more; but read on.

> So the instruction "use nouveau as the driver" does not work on NetBSD.
> How to make use of nouveau module on X11 (pkgsrc) on NetBSD.
> I am on NetBSD 6.0 GENERIC on i386 with pkgsrc x11.

I wrote about this back in February 2010:

The situation is simple, and hasn't changed:
- xf86-video-nouveau post-July 2009 requires KMS;
- NetBSD does not have KMS to this day;
- libdrm_nouveau is not enough and requires kernel code too;
- nobody has ported it to NetBSD yet (that I know of)
- I doubt xf86-video-nouveau had any (decent) 3D support at the time

The following video sums it up very well:

I tried porting the old nouveau DRM code to NetBSD about three years ago.
I ended up doing the sane thing: buying supported hardware from ATI/AMD
and ditching my NVidia card. I even bought an expensive one because they
simply deserve it.


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