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Re: MacPPC -- NetBSD compatible usb to rs-232 adapter

On Apr 10, 2012, at 9:35 AM, Adam Russell wrote:
> I am looking to run a headless MAcPPC NetBSD box.
> In order for this to work I obviously will need a USB to rs-232 adapter.
> What is the latest guidance on this? Going through the mailing list
> archives I see particular brands recommended. The FTDI brand stands
> out. Should I just buy one of these?

I've haven't used FTDI's USB to RS-232 adaptors under NetBSD specifically, but 
I have used them under MacOS X, Win XP/200x server, and FreeBSD, and they 
worked just fine.

Certainly there wasn't any hardware compatibility issues between them and a 
PowerPC Mac such as the 1st generation Mac mini, in particular.


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