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Re: MacPPC -- NetBSD compatible usb to rs-232 adapter

  I am looking to run a headless MAcPPC NetBSD box.
  In order for this to work I obviously will need a USB to rs-232 adapter.

I don't follow this statement at all.   Does the macppc have a serial
console, and you need to access it from another  system with only usb?

  What is the latest guidance on this? Going through the mailing list
  archives I see particular brands recommended. The FTDI brand stands
  out. Should I just buy one of these? Can anyone say if any generic
  adapter will work or not? Any other recommendations?

It seems that almost all usb/serial adaptors are based on a small number
of chipsets, and it also seems (but I'm not clear on recently) that most
such devices one encounters do work.

man ucom
 # and then read all the 'see also' references

man uftdi
man upl
man umct
man ubsa
man uchcom

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