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Re: 5.1 release?

"Thomas Mueller" <> writes:

>> On Fri, Sep 03, 2010 at 10:57:00AM +0000, Thomas Mueller wrote:
>> > But can I be sure this would update my source trees, /usr/src and 
>> > /usr/xsrc, now at NetBSD 5.1 RC3 to RC4, after RC4 is released, or to 5.1 
>> > RELEASE, when that is released?  As far as I know, -current is a separate 
>> > branch, work in progress on what will be NetBSD 6.0.  I think there is 
>> > also still a 5.0 branch which would be patches to 5.0.2?
>> the '-r netbsd-5' flag tell CVS to upgrade files to the netbsd-5 branch.
>> This is currenlty 5.1_RC3, will be 5.1_RC4. Once 5.1 is released this
>> branch will switch to 5.1_STABLE (what may becode 5.2). If you want the
>> 5.1 sources, you'll have to use the netbsd-5-1-RELEASE tag instead.
>> If you want to track what will become 5.1.1 you'll use netbsd-5-1
>> -- 
>> Manuel Bouyer <>
> So '-r netbsd-5' would upgrade the source to 5.1_RC4 when that is
> ready, but when 5.1 is released, I should use '-r netbsd-5-1-RELEASE'?

If you want to track what-will-become-5.1 and then stay at 5,1, then
yes.  I generally just track netbsd-5.  The release engineering people
do such a great job that for normal systems (even a cvs server at a
company) are perfectly ok in practice tracking netbsd-5.  That said, I
expect that there will be a flurry of pullups to netbsd-5 just after
5.1; some changes have been marked "do this after 5.1".

> I guess the best way to update the base system is to download the iso,
> burn to CD, boot from that CD, and choose Update, as I've been doing?

That's one way to do it, and a reasonable way.  The other way is to
either grab a release image or to build one yourself, and to overlay the
binaries.  This can be tricky, but the scripts I use to do it are all in
the sysutils/etcmanage package.  I routinely update systems using that
with almost no trouble.

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