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Re: 5.1 release?

From "Greg Troxel" <>:

> If you want to track what-will-become-5.1 and then stay at 5,1, then
> yes.  I generally just track netbsd-5.  The release engineering people
> do such a great job that for normal systems (even a cvs server at a
> company) are perfectly ok in practice tracking netbsd-5.  That said, I
> expect that there will be a flurry of pullups to netbsd-5 just after
> 5.1; some changes have been marked "do this after 5.1".

> > I guess the best way to update the base system is to download the iso,
> > burn to CD, boot from that CD, and choose Update, as I've been doing?

> That's one way to do it, and a reasonable way.  The other way is to
> either grab a release image or to build one yourself, and to overlay the
> binaries.  This can be tricky, but the scripts I use to do it are all in
> the sysutils/etcmanage package.  I routinely update systems using that
> with almost no trouble.

Normally I would think the source code should be in sync with the binary 
installation, so then I would need to update the base installation if I update 
the source, referring to expected pullups to netbsd-5 just after 5.1?

You say "overlay the binaries".  Does that mean just copy over?  There might be 
some files whose name will have changed, and some that are being dropped.

You say tracking netbsd-5 is perfectly ok, does that mean it's safer than 
tracking netbsd-current?  One feature that might attract me to netbsd-current 
is improved support of Linux ext2fs.  I suppose I could download and install 
netbsd-current to a USB stick, but don't want to keep updating on USB stick: 
too slow on my system.  But I'd see if it can read my Linux ext2fs partitions.


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