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Re: Supported VM environments under MacOS dom0

On 4/27/10 5:45 PM, Phil Pennock wrote:
On 2010-04-26 at 18:26 -0700, Phil Pennock wrote:
VirtualBox works great and is shinier than I expected. ssh'ing in, to
do my work sanely with cut&paste, etc, means bridge mode not NAT mode
but so far it's been stable.  Only glitch is that IPv6 against doesn't
work, same as it doesn't in Parallels, so something outside the VM is
tampering with the host/MAC visibility to network broadcast (link
multicast) traffic.  Bleh.  I hope it's not a platform problem with
inability to support promiscuous/multicast from inside the VM bridged
onto wifi with the WPA2 security but I suspect I'm hoping in vain.

I've not looked in any great detail, but my VM's here aren't getting IPv6 goodness either and I'm on a wired connection. IPv6 sounds like it's only supported in bridged mode, which makes things a bit chewy for me, given the hiccups bridged mode creates for me.

Glad to hear VirtualBox is workable for you... I too didn't have high hopes for it's "shininess factor" but am suitably pleased. I do quite like their console tools too. My only real gripe is that their tools don't seem to be FOSS, so getting them available on NetBSD isn't happening; ergo mounting host FS's isn't very portable between hosts. (I can't seamlessly move a VM to a Windows machine and have NFS mount a share semi-seemlessly.)



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