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NetBSD and BCM4312 rev01

Hello there,
as of subject, i want to use NetBSD on my brand semi-new netbook which
has a bcm4312 (rev 01) card, which works nicely under gnu/linux and
which would work under openbsd (as far as i red).

But... does netbsd support this card? Or, does netbsd-current support
this card?

The cars bus is mini-pci, so i may theoretically be able to swap it
out, although i'd like to keep this as a last possibility.
But in case i have to swap the card out, what's the best supported
wireless card? I mean, not only a working card (I may use the ipw3945
i've on the other laptop...) but also for promiscuous mode, power
saving, full speed and things like theese...

thanks in advance,

Elric W.

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