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Re: The Chthulhoid horror that is keyboard handling in Unix

On Thu, 1 Apr 2010, Greg A. Woods wrote:

One thing I've been thinking about is whether one could write a "terminal"
for X that doesn't suck; something to replace the terminal emulators

Do you not see there's a major catch-22 there in your idea?

You mean talking to "non-adapted" programs?  Yes, I see that.

The big hurdle as I see it is full screen applications; they would have to be "ported", or written. Yeah, not so trivial. Perhaps one could start with providing a curses interface and get some for free, or maybe not. (Could that work?)

Regular (stdin/stdout, nothing more advanced control character-wise than, say, carriage return and linefeed) programs and utilities wouldn't even need to know anything has changed, although you would have to provide character set conversion.

A shell would be needed. I think that if you have that and compatibility with the standard utilities then that is already something worthwhile. That, and a vi clone, and I could actually see someone using it without being forced to.

Anyway, just brainstorming. A bit off topic here, but if anyone is interested or wants to explain why it can't possibly work, I'd like to hear more off-list.

If you totally escape the unix/posix mindset then you can achieve the
kind of thing you were describing.

Mmm. But then nobody in Unixland would be even remotely interested, and the idea would be forgotten. (Back to the drawing board.)


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