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Re: Backspace, Delete and other keys

At Wed, 31 Mar 2010 08:14:15 -0400, Greg Troxel <> 
Subject: Re: Backspace, Delete and other keys
> You have been brainwashed by Windows.  Delete is supposed to be ASCII
> DEL, which is supposed to delete left.

Ah, that's not MS-Windows fault.  That was a debate started long before
any graphical user interface was ever built.  :-)

See, for instance, <URL:>

There the dilemma is explained as follows:

    In modern systems, the backspace key is often mapped to the delete
    character (0x7f in ASCII or Unicode), although the backspace key's
    function of deleting the character before the cursor remains.

I guess by "modern" the author meant something as new as an ASR-33.  :-)

Sadly some East-coast folks were no help when they decided that
<Control-H> was distinct from <Backspace>.  :-)

And then they got all confused entirely about <Delete>.

Trying to fit ASCII into 7 bits was probably the ultimate cause since it
meant there was no room for separate <Backspace> and <Control-H>.  :-)

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