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Re: Backspace, Delete and other keys

fctk <> writes:

> I just installed NetBSD 5.0.2 but I soon encountered a little but
> annoying problem: Backspace, Delete, PgUp and PgDown keys don't work
> as expected. That is, Backspace should erase the character before the
> cursor, Delete should erase the character after the cursor, PgUp
> should scroll the page up and PgDown should scroll the page down. I'm
> not in front of my NetBSD system right now, so I can't tell you what
> actually happens when I press those keys. I only remember that they
> don't work in vi and more, for example. Don't know if it could be
> useful, but my TERM variable is set to vt100. I also read somewhere I
> should avoid using those keys in NetBSD and use some Ctrl key
> combination instead. Is this true?

You have been brainwashed by Windows.  Delete is supposed to be ASCII
DEL, which is supposed to delete left.  But it's worse than that, since
it's really the key where the delete key ought to be that should do
that.  And then there's keypad delete vs real delete.

See the following old rant, still applicable, which may be helpful:

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