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Re: Definition of NetBSD users

On Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 12:40 AM, Jonathan Schleifer
<> wrote:
> Am 27.03.2010 um 16:34 schrieb Marc Balmer:
>> Maybe we should just stop using their crap and tell them in public that
>> they are morons.  It's that easy:  Don't buy Nvidia hardware.  And tell
>> your friends not buy Nvida crap either.
> If it's so easy, can you please name an alternative to NVidia? Because AMD
> isn't one, the performance of their open source driver is far from being
> actually usable. Don't even try to play Doom 3 with it - and Doom 3 is
> already an old game...

One idea (which I was told) would be to provide a unified "BSD DDK" so
that vendors can provide binaries and don't need to worry API/ABI
changes.  It's said that this is a feasible goal.


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