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Re: Definition of NetBSD users

> 1) An old Cobalt RaQ2.  Yes Debian works on it, but
> was constantly breaking.
>  After having to reinstall it for the 5th time I switched
> it to NetBSD.
>  That was my first taste of it.
> 2) Alphas.  I'm a self-proclaimed Alpha whore. 
> Yes, they're old.  Yes, they
> chew power like there's no tomorrow and exercise my AC unit
> until its
> breaking point.  But they run, and run, and run. 
> With the impending death
> of Tru64, the fact that Linux/Alpha doesn't even have a
> glibc maintainer,
> and the fact that FreeBSD dropped Alpha, NetBSD was the
> most logical choice.
>  This was yet another taste of NetBSD.
> I can safely say that my exposure to NetBSD on those
> less-popular platforms
> have made me start using NetBSD on more popular ones
> (AMD64, ultrasparc,
> etc).  So in a way the less popular architectures
> helped increase usage of
> the more popular ones.

I think that it's not overnight that NetBSD will because an OS oriented user's, 
knowing that NetBSD, behind two others system FreeBSD and GNU/Linux that for 
exceeds the NetBSD on the side , we should reflect on the way that can be a 
desktop system without becoming like Ubuntu and here I'm entirely ok with 
Jean-Yves Migeon

However it would be interesting to study more closely the raison that make the 
success of FreeBSD and GNU/Linux by the side of newbie and pressed administrator

I noticed that GNU/Linux et FreeBSD have specialized teams,  some GNU/Linux 
distributions done investigation in close of newbie about the usability of 
desktop with the reset of the system. I 'm not a specialist of the subject but 
i think that we must establish goals before thinking to design a NetBSD Desktop 
for example:

a- Create groups of maintainer specialized and dedicated to take care  of 
famous Desktop (GNOME, KDE, ...) and offer applications (Multimedia, ...) for 
that a create a new maintainer pkgsrc.gnome, to regroup all the gnome 
packages which are not imported to pkgsrc

b- reflect on the manere to desgin NetBSD Desktop adaptable with NetBSD 

c- there a Desktop applications depend of GNU/Linux technology if we find them 
why we don't change them with NetBSD proper technology (NetBSD/usermode, 
virtualization, rump)

Bests Regards

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