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ptyfs and chroot environments

(I am not subscribed to this list, so please cc me in replies.)

ptyfs interacts badly with chroot environments.  Since there can be
only one ptyfs mount at any given time, a chroot environment cannot
use ptm(4) to allocate ptys, because it will return /dev/pts/N to the
userland, which does not (and cannot) exist in the chroot environment.

Consequently, for example, when I try to run xterm inside a chroot
environment on a system with a ptyfs mounted, it fails.  Testing
programs in chroot environments is invaluable to me -- it lets me make
sure that, say, a pkgsrc upgrade or a new X server works before I
clobber my main file system.  I didn't notice this in NetBSD 4 because
sysinst didn't start mounting ptyfs by default until NetBSD 5.

I can work around this by unmounting ptyfs, and that's what I'll do
for now.  Are there any other ways around this?  Is there a danger to
having multiple ptyfs mounts, or could the ptyfs code be adapted to
support this?

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