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Re: Definition of NetBSD users

At Sat, 27 Mar 2010 13:52:57 +0200, wrote:
Subject: Re: Definition of NetBSD users
> Anyway, that was a bit off-topic. The essence of my question is if this is
> the kind of desktop users NetBSD is targeting. If yes, then it's a lost cause
> and, if I may add, fortunately. More generally, do we distiunguish between
> users and consumers? I'd rather call the people described above as consumers.

Interesting.  My take on that is someone who might be described as a
"consumer" is someone who will likely never be satisfied with
open-source of any kind.

> My feelings exactly. However, occasionally I also want to watch something on
> Youtube :-) So Linux is my desktop system despite the icky feeling and NetBSD
> is what I use for interesting stuff and hacking.

Hmmm....  I don't know all the details, but since you and others have
mentioned youtube as the prime motivator for wanting to be able to run a
Flash plugin in a browser, perhaps you don't know that you can actually
download the video content on youtube (and perhaps google video and
others) in some "reasonable" video format and then play it with a proper
video player application.

For example I have installed one of the extensions in Google Chrome that
put download buttons on the youtube page (YouTube Video Downloader), and
along with the extension that blocks Flash (FlashBlock), even on my OS X
desktop where Flash is available and could work, I don't have to run it
just in order to view youtube video content.  Rumour is though that
youtube will be doing everything in its power to stomp out any tool that
might allow users to control the way they view and manage content.

However youtube is also starting an HTML5 video experiment:

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