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Re: RaidFrame Raid-1 problem (can't ditch a failing disk)

On 2/28/10 11:33 AM, Greg Oster wrote:
On Sun, 28 Feb 2010 01:49:53 -0500
Louis Guillaume<>  wrote:

In this case, I had removed the failing drive, so we have sd0 on
scsibus1. This drive normally shows up as sd1 on scsibus1, but IIRC that
doesn't matter to RaidFrame, right?


Ok - wait a sec... Is that "nope it doesn't matter"? or "nope - wrong"? :)

At any rate, the same thing happens
with a new blank (identical) disk in scsibus0.

The issue is that the rf_parity_map.c bits arn't checking to see if a
component is valid before attempting to get (and then use!) a component
label.  I'll see if I can whip up a patch for you to test, if Jed
doesn't beat me to it...  (I missed this issue when I was looking over
the paritymap stuff... :( )

This will also be a critical patch to get pulled up for NetBSD 5.1 as

Thank you for looking at this Greg. Let me know as soon as you have a patch. Should I file a PR for this?


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