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Re: NetBSD flash and java browser plugins

Hi all,

On Sun, Feb 14, 2010 at 3:09 PM, David Brownlee <> 
> On 14 February 2010 07:10, Predrag Punosevac 
> <> wrote:
>> I have another questions this time related to another project. Namely, we are
>> trying to deploy 150 thin clients in the new lab using Wyse thin clients 
>> build
>> around VIA 7 chipset. I have tested OpenBSD on these thin clients and it 
>> works
>> beautifully.
>> Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately depends on the point of view) OpenBSD 
>> does
>> not have enough Linux emulation for Flash 10. How good does Flash 10 works on
>> NetBSD?
> I'm using the Linux flash plugin in native NetBSD 5.0 amd64 via
> nspluginwrapper, it
> used to work fine for me under i386 previously.
>> I am also a bit confused about Java support on NetBSD. Is it possible to
>> compile JDK on NetBSD like it is possible on OpenBSD or it has to be used via
>> Linux emulation? Specifically I am interested in plugins.= i.e. in JRE
>> binaries preferably original SUN.
> pkgsrc also has lang/openjdk7 which includes a browser plugin. It used to work
> fine for me to run, but stopped recently - I haven't had
> time to look
> into it/report it.

I already answered to Predrag on one of the local forums, but just for
the sake of posting information here for others:

   -  www/firefox + multimedia/adobe-flash-plugin +
www/nspluginwrapper = working Youtube, with occasional lock-ups if
several tabs (with flash content) are open (flash content turns gray).

   -  www/firefox + www/openjdk7-icedtea-plugin = working Java plugin,
opening java applets from following links works without problems:

All best

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