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NetBSD flash and java browser plugins

Hi one more time.

I have another questions this time related to another project. Namely, we are
trying to deploy 150 thin clients in the new lab using Wyse thin clients build
around VIA 7 chipset. I have tested OpenBSD on these thin clients and it works

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately depends on the point of view) OpenBSD does
not have enough Linux emulation for Flash 10. How good does Flash 10 works on

I am also a bit confused about Java support on NetBSD. Is it possible to
compile JDK on NetBSD like it is possible on OpenBSD or it has to be used via
Linux emulation? Specifically I am interested in plugins.= i.e. in JRE
binaries preferably original SUN.

To summarize my question I need a very frugal NetBSD installation on flash
drive which will consit of fully working browser (Firefox or Opera) with Flash
and Java plugins as well as RDP and OpenNX clients. I assume that RDP and
OpenNX clients are ported and work fine on NetBSD. 

Can anybody direct me to documentation specifically addressing embedded use of

Most Kind Regards,
Predrag Punosevac

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