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Hight Performance Computing

Dear All,

This is my first message to netbsd-users mailing list so pardon my ignorance.
I have a couple questions regarding High Performance Computing on NetBSD and
particularly use of NetBSD for cluster computing.

1. What is the maximum number of CPUs supported per mother board for AMD

2. What is the maximum amount of RAM supported by AMD per mother

3. What is the status of Giant Lock in NetBSD? Is there are new scheduler in
pipe for NetBSD 6.0 or later like ULE in FreeBSD.

4. What is the status of support for support for fast

memory interconnects (Myrinet, SCI, ...)?

5. Is  there are chance that NetBSD will have a driver for NVidia tesla c1060
GPUs? Does NetBSD have a frame work which allows drivers for other operating
systems to be used on NetBSD?

6. What is the status of support for Tesla 20-series?

7. How good is NetBSD support for OpenMPI and SGE.

8. Is ZFS fully production ready?

9. Is DTrace being ported to NetBSD?

10. Any support for Solid State HDD.

Thank you in advance for your time

Predrag Punosevac

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