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Re: using a NetBSD host as an iSCSI target for OSX (time machine) (or other mechanisms)

Hmm. Turns out iSCSI is baroque enough that vendors can't agree on some fiddly 

Short answer: this isn't working.

the globalSAN initiator thinks it has a valid mount, I can use disk utility to 
create OSX partitions, and I can even write to them.

But, the NetBSD system is flooded with

Nov 18 01:14:04 snoid iscsi-target: pid 
375:/usr/src/external/bsd/iscsi/lib/../dist/src/lib/target.c:1845: ***ERROR*** 
Final bit
Nov 18 01:14:04 snoid iscsi-target: pid 
375:/usr/src/external/bsd/iscsi/lib/../dist/src/lib/disk.c:1399: ***ERROR*** 
target_transfer_data() failed 

Which is down in the bowels of the code, with some #if 0 stuff around alternate 
code. Looks to me like its not cooked.

Oh well. I'm going with Steve Bellovin's suggestion of an NFS, AFP or SMB 
mount, and an OSX 'sparse' .dmg file so its a double mount, and therefore not 
very efficient, but it doesn't errorlog continuously.


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