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Re: using a NetBSD host as an iSCSI target for OSX (time machine) (or other mechanisms)

2009/11/27 George Michaelson <>:
> Hmm. Turns out iSCSI is baroque enough that vendors can't agree on some 
> fiddly bits.
> Short answer: this isn't working.
> the globalSAN initiator thinks it has a valid mount, I can use disk utility 
> to create OSX partitions, and I can even write to them.
> But, the NetBSD system is flooded with
> Nov 18 01:14:04 snoid iscsi-target: pid 
> 375:/usr/src/external/bsd/iscsi/lib/../dist/src/lib/target.c:1845: 
> ***ERROR*** Final bit
> Nov 18 01:14:04 snoid iscsi-target: pid 
> 375:/usr/src/external/bsd/iscsi/lib/../dist/src/lib/disk.c:1399: ***ERROR*** 
> target_transfer_data() failed

I am getting this all the time on my NetBSD iSCSI target hosts, used
by the standard Microsoft iSCSI initiator. Otherwise it seems to work
just fine. Correct me if I am wrong.

On the other hand I could not get the VirtualBox iSCSI initiator to
work with a NetBSD target - the disk shows as unavailable in the media
manager after the 'VBoxManage addiscsidisk' command, so for these I am
using OpenSolaris ComStar iSCSI targets.

> Which is down in the bowels of the code, with some #if 0 stuff around 
> alternate code. Looks to me like its not cooked.
> Oh well. I'm going with Steve Bellovin's suggestion of an NFS, AFP or SMB 
> mount, and an OSX 'sparse' .dmg file so its a double mount, and therefore not 
> very efficient, but it doesn't errorlog continuously.
> -George

Chavdar Ivanov
Joan Crawford  - "I, Joan Crawford, I believe in the dollar.
Everything I earn, I spend." -

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