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Re: games/adventure

Steven Bellovin wrote:
On Nov 19, 2009, at 10:39 AM, Johnny Billquist wrote:

I hope you saw my response that your memory is playing with you. The puzzles 
and scenarios you describe aren't in adventure at all, but another (but rather 
similar) game from about the same era... Called ZORK or DUNGEON, depending on 
which version you stumbled on (the ZORK was on PDP-10 systems only, though, 
unless you count the ZORK trilology for home computers).

I'm fairly certain I was playing it on 4.2[12]bsd on the Vax.

Yes. That would have been DUNGEON then. There is both the "original" FORTRAN version, and a c translation of it. The ZORK original was written in MDL, which you'll only find on TOPS-20, I think.

Btw -- look at pkgsrc/games/frotz

Indeed. :-)


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