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Re: grub vs. NetBSD bootloader

Louis Guillaume <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm having a bit of a wrestling match between a Linux installer 
> (Ubuntu's curses-based one) and the MBRs on a machine with 3 disks. 
> Perhaps you can help...

If we're talking about the latest Ubuntu (karmic; 9.10) then you've run
into GRUB 2.  Ubuntu decided to go with this "new improved" GRUB which,
unfortunately, does not support installation into the VBR (super block)
of the Ubuntu partition; it only supports MBR installation.  The solution
is to over-write the MBR with the NetBSD's bootloader and install the old
GRUB, now referred to as "Legacy GRUB", into the VBR of the Ubuntu
partition.  You'll also need to get into Ubuntu and remove the GRUB 2
stuff, then install the Legacy GRUB stuff, ie. /boot/grub/*.

There are some instructions on the Ubuntu Forums/Wiki for reverting GRUB.
Once you get the old GRUB installed you'll be able to chainload it in the
usual way.


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