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Re: games/adventure

Paul Goyette wrote:
Many many years ago, I remember playing a variant of this game that had a few extra "features" that the current game doesn't have. For example, there was a "Puzzle Room" where you had to push to move the walls around in order to find an extra treasure as well as finding the exit. And there was a much more complex End Game.

Does anyone else remember this extended variation? Or better, does anyone happen to have a copy of the sources for it? (Even if they're just original Fortan sources...)


You are describing DUNGEON, which is another game than ADVENTURE.

You should be able to find it, if you search around.

DUNGEON was also the genesis of the ZORK triology, and the inception of Infocom. Actally, DUNGEON was initially called ZORK, and was written in MDL. A person at DEC then did a reimplementation in FORTRAN, and called that version DUNGEON. A translation from FORTRAN to C exist, as well as a translation of the original MDL code into Inform.

If you want to just play it, contact me and I'll point you at machines where you can log in and just play.


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