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Re: how to use amd?

> I have deployed an amd(8) based scheme like yours, and as long as 
> procedures are followed properly, it works. Still, while you can do 
> things like that with amd(8), it's a fragile construction, and an 
> accidental eject(1) can break things until the next reboot.
> Apart from amd's weakness with removable storage devices - are you sure the
> freezes you see are not actually USB problems?

I don't know. I don't recall any hangs on this system with 
plugging in USB devices and manually mounting/unmounting. How can I check 
if it is USB related? How to troubleshoot?

> HAL is supposed to provide a connection between the kernel's knowledge 
> of plug-{in,out} events and interested parties in userland, like a 
> desktop manager. Apparently, NetBSD is finally catching up there.

What tools are also available for NetBSD to communicate with hald to mount 

By the way, what does NetBSD offer now for showing when a device is 
attached and detached (beyond log(9))?

Any examples of using kqueue to watch device changes? (I found some kqueue 
examples for watching a socket file descriptor and for watching files.)

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