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Re: consolidate phone, sidekick and broadband card to one device

On Fri, 12 Sep 2008, Petar Bogdanovic wrote:

> > So a couples months later ... I purchased the Nokia e71
> Me too.


> > I do not have the memory card (...)
> That's the reason. I use that phone on linux and can't see/mount
> anything when the memory card is removed.

Okay thanks.

> > (By the way, the wifi works some times. (...)
> Try disabling `power saving' in:
>       menu -> tools -> settings -> connection -> wireless lan ->
>       options -> advanced settings -> power saving

Thanks. That appeared to work. wifi working more consistently in my home 
network. Takes maybe 30 seconds to get started though.

> > I haven't installed a ssh client (...)
> What client was on your mind? putty?
> Let me know if you know any other client able to read standard openssh
> private keys.

Don't know.

Thanks for pointing me to putty. I didn't know there was a putty for 
symbian.  I followed this:
because of some certificate problem. (The setting was in a different 
location though.) It is working good. I haven't used any keys yet though.

> > As for repeated alarms, I found there is a few third-party softwares
> > for symbian and this device that I can purchase for that.)
> What do you mean with `repeated alarms'? I think the built-in calender
> can do such stuff..

I need unread SMS phone messages and emails to signal me every few minutes 
until acknowledged (just I miss during sleep or shower). (I used same 
feature for a couple years with my Sidekick.) For example:
(I need to find some open source software for this.)

> And while we are at this subject: Please let me also know if you think
> the e-mail client is usable. From what I remember, the built in e-mail
> client..
>       + supports STARTTLS on the default imap port (143).
>       - does not save your sent-mails into your sent-box
>       - does not set the reply flag on mails when you answer them
>       - does not add any references-header (breaks threads)
>       - does not quote text in a reply
>       - does not wrap lines after 78 characters

I haven't tested the email yet. I will also look at software suggested in 
other reply.

Still trying to figure out the PPP. I do have a umodem and AT on ttyU0 
does give me an OK. My latest tries on NetBSD 4.0 end with:

chat[14572]: expect (CONNECT)
chat[14572]: ^M
chat[14572]: ^M
chat[14572]: CONNECT
chat[14572]:  -- got it 
chat[14572]: send ( ^M)
pppd[14877]: Serial connection established.
pppd[14877]: Using interface ppp0
pppd[14877]: Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/ttyU0
pppd[14877]: PAP authentication succeeded
pppd[14877]: LCP terminated by peer
pppd[14877]: Connection terminated.
pppd[14877]: read: Bad file descriptor
pppd[14877]: Exit.

I haven't yet found PPP details for both Nokia e71 and AT&T/Cingular. My 
phone shows these options: AT&T Internet, AT&T MEdia Net, and AT&T MMS 
(all wap.cingular). I have tried many, many ppp options and chat scripts 
for this.

I found a Symbian forum, so I may ask there.

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