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Re: uplcom: can only receive data

Martin Husemann wrote:
On Mon, Sep 01, 2008 at 07:14:00PM +0200, Frederik Sausmikat wrote:
Now it definitely is. Unfortunately it doesn't change a thing, still only receiving on the USB side.

Does "cu -f -l ttyU0" (or whichever tty you are using) work?

Already tried that, too. With no success.

I have several different uplcom devices and they all work (bidirectional)
for me. But we have seen subtle difference between them before, so your two
being somehow different wouldn't suprise me.

The strange thing is that there are no problems with my NetBSD box at work. And especially interesting to me is why the device is able to receive but not to send, since this Prolific adapter is reported to work by several people.

Maybe the problem lies somwhere in the upper levels of the USB driver chain?

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