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Re: installation from the image to another usb-stick

On Sat, Jan 22, 2022 at 10:59:56PM +0100, wrote:
> ok, the problem with the /sbin/umount /targetroot has been solved. It takes at 
> my Dell Celeron with 5GB RAM about 30 minutes.

Oh wow, never seen it *that* bad. Could there be something wrong with the
usb stick or the port you connected it to? How big is the usb stick (or
the file system you created on it)? Did you switch any file system options?
Typically by default it should be FFSv2 and not need to write "the whole stick"
(but only the used parts).

Or (but maybe this is wishfull thinking) this is another instance of PR 56329
(where unmounting a really fast nvme SSD takes ages, and we have not managed
to reproduce it yet). Can you provide hardware details for the USB stick,
e.g. dmesg excerpts?


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