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Re: installation from the image to another usb-stick

Op Samstag, 22. Jänner 2022 13:52:40 CET schreef u:
> On Sat, Jan 22, 2022 at 11:19:23AM +0100, wrote:
> > hello guys,
> > when doing this, everything went fine until the point where the new system
> > has to be unmounted due to system reboot.
> What happened then?
Normally on the SSD it goes fluently so I didn't thought on an cache and the 
stick has no flashing LED, so I can't see any progress. Well, I resetted the 
machine getting BAD SUPER BLOCK and MAGIC NUMBER; f* impatience I guess. This 
is my big mistake on things like that, like the whole genereration; everything 
and by now! Gonna try, will /proc!

thx for hint, 

> Typically there will be a long delay at this point, as basically all
> content of the new usb stick is written to the hardware before
> continuing (while most of it had been only cached in ram so far).
> Depending on your usb sticks speed (and selected file system details),
> this may take a few minutes.
> Martin

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