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re: port-amd64/50128: amd64 debug build lacks kernel debug symbols

Andreas Gustafsson writes:
> matthew green wrote:
> > feed gdb the netbsd.gdb in the kernel build dir.
> What I'm trying to do is to build a release that contains everything
> necessary to symbolically debug itself, including its own kernel (or
> to remotely debug the kernel of an identical system).  Unless the
> netbsd.gdb in the kernel build directory gets included in one of the
> release sets and installed by sysinst, it doesn't help.

yeah - that's a problem.  we don't want to have debug info in the
actual kernel itself, so perhaps we should also have a way to have
this file installed into /usr/libdata/debug/netbsd.debug, with a
patch to the generate it in the obj dir, but i'm
not sure how works for updating or sysinst choosing a kernel from
a list..

we could also just distribute the full netbsd.gdb for each build,
and have the user manually deal with that, as a first step.


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