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re: port-amd64/50128: amd64 debug build lacks kernel debug symbols

> yeah - that's a problem.  we don't want to have debug info in the
> actual kernel itself, so perhaps we should also have a way to have
> this file installed into /usr/libdata/debug/netbsd.debug, with a
> patch to the generate it in the obj dir, but i'm
> not sure how works for updating or sysinst choosing a kernel from
> a list..

actually, we could do this.

say the kernel list is GERNERIC and INSTALL.  when we link a
kernel, we include the kernel configuration name in the
debug info file.  so, we'd end up with:


files in the installation, and using the --add-gnu-debuglink
option to objcopy when creating the "netbsd" file file (the
rule that currently copies it out of netbsd.gdb.)

this would work great, with some major caveat.  the build
currently creates sets before kernels, so we'd have to push
the set creation phase *after* kernels phase.

which is sort of annoying, in that we have to now build all
the kernels to build "distribution sets", which is the
currently fastest way to obtain a fresh set of just userland.



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