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Re: Please close PR bin/37422

> in 2007 I sent the PR bin/37422. If this is the wrong list to
> ask for closing it, please send me a hint how do it.
> PR bin/37422 was about problems while trying to copy
> files over USB from FAT or NTFS partitions. As it tourned out
> later, the problem with FAT partitions has gone and the
> problem with NTFS partitions is not related to USB but to NTFS, and is
> covered by a later PR kern/38351 still open since April 2008.
> So I suggest closing bin/37422 and ask anybody to take a look at
> kern/38351 which makes NetBSD unable to copy  files greater
> than 8 MiB from NTFS. Last time checked with i386cd.iso
> from netbsd-5 (200901180002Z) on 12 different systems.

38351 does not look to be related.

What PR number is it?

Also you can get your comments added directly to a ticket by emailing 
gnats-bugs@ and including "Re:" and category/number (ticket number) on 
Subject: line.

Subject: Re: bin/374222

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