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Please close PR bin/37422


in 2007 I sent the PR bin/37422. If this is the wrong list to
ask for closing it, please send me a hint how do it.
PR bin/37422 was about problems while trying to copy
files over USB from FAT or NTFS partitions. As it tourned out
later, the problem with FAT partitions has gone and the
problem with NTFS partitions is not related to USB but to NTFS, and is
covered by a later PR kern/38351 still open since April 2008.
So I suggest closing bin/37422 and ask anybody to take a look at
kern/38351 which makes NetBSD unable to copy  files greater
than 8 MiB from NTFS. Last time checked with i386cd.iso
from netbsd-5 (200901180002Z) on 12 different systems.


Kai-Uwe Eckhardt

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