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Re: kern/40384 (64 bit time_t broke wscons)

> On Jan 14, 11:57pm, (YAMAMOTO Takashi) wrote:
> -- Subject: Re: kern/40384 (64 bit time_t broke wscons)
> | it flushes the queue, yes.  but it seems unsafe to me.
> | eg. if malloc() sleeps.
> | eg. if someone is in the middle of wsevent_read().
> | necessary locking complicates the code more, i guess.
> Got it. Fixed.
> Thanks,
> christos

well, have you checked whether it's safe even if every EVSIZE()
returns different values due to concurrent setversions?

with the way i suggested, only uiomove in wsevent_read and
_INJECT ioctl needs conversion, right?  would it be so complicate?


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