Index of netbsd-bugs for May, 1997

Erik Bertelsen port-i386/3564: db_machdep.h pulls in excess vm headers port-hp300/3565: hp300/pmap.c defines "firstpage" which gets not always used kern/3566: typo in /src/sys/dev/audio.c: rparams -> sc_rparams
05/03/1997 port-i386/3570: /usr/local/bin/ispcvt
Jonathan O'Brien kern/3571: patch to if_strip.c
Matthieu Herrb bin/3572: mountd(8) mentions /var/run/ which doesn't exist
Peter Seebach bin/3573: make(1) has inauspiciously named variable.
Matthias Scheler Re: bin/3572: mountd(8) mentions /var/run/ which doesn't exist
Matthieu Herrb Re: bin/3572: mountd(8) mentions /var/run/ which doesn't exist kern/3574: if_ie malfunctions on 3Com cards if more than one configured
fair@cesium.clock.or port-sparc/3575: panic: pv_unlink0 on sun4m (SPARC LX) bin/3576: getline() in ipf may overruns buffer and has some minor problems
Heiko W.Rupp kern/3577: UDP-packet length calculation wrong
Daniel Hagerty port-i386/3578: problems with ultra scsi in current on aic7880 based cards
Jonathan Stone kern/3579: "root on nfs type ?" config panics finding root
05/06/1997 lib/3580: bugs in the getpwent.c
Eric S. Hvozda kern/3581: No isa based esp SCSI driver bin/3582: typo in usr.sbin/ipf/{ipfilter2netbsd,ipmon/Makefile}; not
David Holland lib/3583: strncpy() error in libc/time/localtime.c misc/3584: bug in dumpfs.8
Erik E. Fair bin/3585: csh "time" bug bin/3586: SLIP over non-full modem cable does not work misc/3587: typo in diff.1
nimenees@par0163.urh kern/3589: kern_proc.c fails to compile
Erik E. Fair bin/3590: eliminate df floating point
Marc Horowitz kern/3591: union mounts cause spurious core dump
Matthias Scheler lib/3592: libc doesn't support localized character sets
nimenees@par0163.urh port-i386/3593: i386 floppies no longer fit on 1.2M disks
nimenees@par0163.urh port-i386/3594: Failure when making inst/kc/upgr floppies doesn't unconfig vnd.
Erik E. Fair Re: bin/3590: eliminate df floating point
Simon Burge Re: bin/3590: eliminate df floating point lib/3595: Compiling different system versions on same machine fails
Christoph Badura Re: port-i386/3593: i386 floppies no longer fit on 1.2M disks
matthew green Re: port-i386/3593: i386 floppies no longer fit on 1.2M disks
05/10/1997 kern/3596: typo in comment of sys/arch/i386/i386/md_root.c; reference to
Erik E. Fair port-sparc/3597: sparc boot won't build; unresolved reference to memset() misc/3598: typo in uk(4); comma is missing and width isn't enough for -Bl. misc/3599: bug in telnet.1 bin/3600: /src/usr.sbin/sendmail/cf/cf/Makefile sets CFDIR false
Erik E. Fair port-sparc/3602: pmap.c diagnostic strings update
Erik E. Fair port-sparc/3604: pmap_enk* calls wrong pmap_changeprot
05/11/1997 bin/3601: /src/gnu/usr.bin/gas/Makefile misses $(.CURDIR) bin/3603: pppd is installed in /.
Simon Burge Re: bin/3603: pppd is installed in /.
John Kohl bin/3608: ln(1) always follows symlinks to directories when creating links lib/3609: login id's longer than 8 characters quietly fail
05/12/1997 bin/3606: -nostdlib option doesn't work on cc
None Weather Database
Dave Huang bin/3610: ntpdate(8) manpage references /etc/gettytab instead of
Dave Huang bin/3611: Couple of typos in chat(8) manpage
nimenees@par0163.urh bin/3612: mount_union doesn't expand directories to full paths
05/13/1997 bin/3613: missing right brackets in 'cp' usage. lost PR?
jarle@runit.sintef.n misc/3614: bitstr_t macros expand to compound statements
der Mouse Crasher filesystem bug
Charles M. Hannum Re: Crasher filesystem bug
nimenees@par0163.urh bin/3615: umount change to allow relative path unmounting
Chris Jones bin/3616: kerberos server uses wrong port
eric richard haszlakiewi Re: bin/3615: umount change to allow relative path unmounting
Chris G. Demetriou Re: bin/3615: umount change to allow relative path unmounting
nimenees@par0163.urh Re: bin/3615: umount change to allow relative path unmounting
Chris G. Demetriou Re: bin/3615: umount change to allow relative path unmounting
Chris G. Demetriou Re: lost PR?
Jason Thorpe Re: lost PR?
nimenees@par0163.urh bin/3617: mount_ changes to check for relative paths
der Mouse Re: bin/3615: umount change to allow relative path unmounting
der Mouse kern/3618: [dM] keepalive time not run-time configurable port-mac68k/3619: kernel compiling failure misc/3620: /src/etc/netstart misses "" arround $configured_lo0 port-amiga/3621: /src/sys/arch/amiga/stand/boot/Makefile cintains offening depe port-amiga/3622: /src/sys/adosfs/advnops.c contains a typo misc/3623: the "afterinstall:" rule is actually executed like "beforeinstall:"
frueauf@NetBSD.ORG bin/3624: typos and inconsistences in the man pages from the ipf package
der Mouse misc/3625: [dM] nroff -mandoc lists broken
eric richard haszlakiewi Re: bin/3615: umount change to allow relative path unmounting port-alpha/3626: Alpha scc driver doesn't check the ioasic offset bin/3627: Invalid crossreferences in bin/ manpages (perl script included)
Markus Priglinger TAR error
Bernd Ernesti kern/3630: Audio problems after the latest changes for /dev/audio
Dave Huang Fix for PR kern/2187 (msdosfs w/Win95 support tries to keep access
koji@math.human.nago kern/3628: changes to eliminate dtom() in network code. lib/3632: /src/lib/librpcsvc/Makefile misses "CFLAGS+=-I${.CURDIR}"
Erik E. Fair lib/3633: inconsistent declaration of "struct sigaction" in sys/signal.h
John F. Woods bin/3634: irritating little bug in lastcomm misc/3638: Add /etc/ipnat.conf functionality similar to /etc/ipf.conf
05/17/1997 misc/3635: /etc/netstart doesn't configure lo0 if net_interfaces is DEFAULT bin/3636: typo in bootpd(8); bootgw should be bootpgw. bin/3637: typo in bootptest(8); option argument is included in paragraph port-sun3/3640: Updates for sun3 webpages misc/3639: Cleanup of ftpd code
Hiroshi HORIMOTO port-m68k/3641: Polishing zeropage/m68k.
Martin Husemann port-i386/3642: mcd probe is bogus
Alan Barrett bin/3643: ftp auto-fetch of directories fails when ftp_proxy is used
pk@NetBSD.ORG bin/3646: cp(1) is broken bin/3647: inetd man page bug
Peter Seebach lib/3648: clear()/erase() do not move to (0,0).
Bernd Ernesti bin/3649: another make install problem
Erik Bertelsen port-mac68k/3650: redundant ?! mac68k/pcb.h
Erik Bertelsen port-m68k/3653: Reduce redundant includes of frame.h.
05/20/1997 bin/3654: some GNU programs uses getenv without declaring it
Luke Mewburn lib/3655: various yp_*() functions may not initialise returned data misc/3657: ifconfig.8 misses the argument "mask" when describing "broadcast"
05/21/1997 misc/3656: Bugs in telnet.1
Eric Fischer bin/3658: ulimit needs a manpage.
Dave Huang bin/3659: netstat -A gives bogus PCB for AppleTalk connections
Dave Huang bin/3660: Some columns are misaligned in netstat output bin/3661: inetd reports select() problems and refuses to accept new connections
David Holland bin/3662: /bin/sh knows too much about wait()
Thor Lancelot Simon kern/3664: Hayes ESP support nonfunctional
Erik Bertelsen misc/3663: Teach /etc/mtree/special that some files are optional
Martin Husemann kern/3665: if_strip calls sl_compress_init with wrong parameters misc/3666: little formating error in /src/usr.bin/ktrace/ktrace.1 port-i386/3672: APM fails on digital HiNote VP
05/25/1997 misc/3667: bad section number in rpc.sprayd.8
maximum entropy bin/3668: config(1) bug
maximum entropy kern/3669: diskless boot bug misc/3670: typos in rtld.1
nimenees@par0163.urh misc/3671: failure making shared libs.
Paul Kranenburg Re: misc/3670: typos in rtld.1
jason@logical.though port-pmax/3674: libkvm/libc compile problem lib/3675: *BSD compatibility patch to sys/cdio.h.
Dave Sainty lib/3673: popen can close the wrong file descriptors
Paul Goyette bin/3676: minor typos in ntpdate(8) man page
Paul Goyette bin/3677: /etc/rc recreates too late
der Mouse Re: bin/3677: /etc/rc recreates too late
Ted Lemon bin/3678: mille needs -ltermcap to compile
Ted Lemon lib/3679: doesn't generate shared libraries
05/29/1997 misc/3681: /etc/daily probably doesn't print result of uustat,
koji@math.human.nago kern/3682: SO_SNDTIMEO/SO_RCVTIMEO bug in sogetopt()
Bernd Ernesti misc/3683: problem with links in /usr/obj/build/usr/lib (especially libcompat.a
koji@math.human.nago kern/3684: ps/2 mouse disconnect/reconnect and GlidePoint tapping support
koji@math.human.nago bin/3686: disklabel can't handle non-512 bytes/sector correctly with -R
Olaf Seibert kern/3687: NFS client causes divide by zero
Ignatios Souvatzis bin/3688: uptime is confused by 0s < uptime < 60s.
Wolfgang Rupprecht bin/3689: bin - rsh
Ted Lemon port-alpha/3690: If DIAGNOSTIC isn't configured, build fails.
Jaromir Dolecek misc/3691: /etc/security: comments are not ignored in /etc/exports
Jaromir Dolecek lib/3692: libedit isn't 8bit clean
Jaromir Dolecek bin/3693: fmt(1) filters out all chars > 128 kern/3694: Buffer cache bug causes LFS lossage