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NetBSD machines at Open Source Conference 2014 Hiroshima

> The next OSC is Open Source Conference 2014 Hiroshima on September 20
> Probably several (real) X680x0 machines will be demonstrated.

As I wrote before, the Japan NetBSD Users' Group members
and the XM6i (Sharp X680x0 emulator) production team
(headed by isaki@ and Y.Sugahara, XM6i authors) held two booths
at the Open Source Conference 2014 Hiroshima on September 20:

The NetBSD booth exhibited the following machines:
 - Raspberry Pi with LCD (as usual)
 - HP 9000/425e (again)
 - Sharp W-ZERO3 and W-ZERO3 Advanced[es]
 - Sharp Zaurus SL-C7x0 and SL-C1000

The XM6i booth also demonstrated:
 - Y.Sugahara's X68060turbo (X68030 with 68060 MPU accelerator)
 - isaki@'s X68030
 - x86 notes running XM6i emulators
 - Mac Book running XM6i emulator

Preparing NetBSD booth:

Preparing XM6i booth:

 "X68000 stuff" setting up booth:

 The ~20 year old original X68030 carton:

Booting up HP9000/425e on the NetBSD booth:

 HP9000/425e starting mlterm-fb and "mikutterm" Twitter client:

 In this time there were minor updates including newer
 libsixel-1.0.3 released after the previous OSC Shimane
 (I was busy in this month so few updates since Shimane):

  The original picture of the above B&W one is:

Raspberry Pi running jun@'s updated 2014-09-20-netbsd-raspi.img image:
 (Probably we should consider more visible demonstration of RPi..)

Sharp W-ZERO3s and Zaurus:
  One visitor said "so many Sharp ones"

 W-ZERO3 (XScale PXA270 based) had a trouble during sysinst
 but it was fixed by nonaka@ after OSC Hiroshima:

Other NetBSD booth pictures: 

There are more pictures of XM6i booth:

Cool X680x0 body:

 "32bit PERSONAL WORKSTATION" (released back in 1993)

 The price of X68030 was 398,000 yen and 060turbo accelerator was
 ~150,000 yen: 


"060turbo" sticker:

X68060turbo boot banner "XC68060" / "50.0MHz":

X68060 booting up NetBSD/x68k: 

X68060 running the original Twitter client "Sayaka-chan" written in PHP:

 This client is also running on mlterm-fb (which supports X680x0
 native video mode) and using libsixel to show grapics: 

isaki@'s X68030 with the "Nereid" board:

 The Nereid is an extention board for X680x0 which has
 NE2000 and USB interfaces:

 Of course NetBSD/x68k supports the Nereid devices:

The X68030 running MMDSP (music player) on Human68k (X680x0 native OS):

and XM6i running MMDSP on Human68k:

These two machines demonstrated
"running the same applications on the same disk image
 both on XM6i emulator and real X68030":

X680x0 sprite graphic driver demonstration on XM6i by Oshima-san:

The "smooth sprite" demo on the real X68060:

Mac Book running XM6i emulator running NetBSD/x68k: 

 The real X68000 keyboard was connected to this Mac Book
 via x68k->PS/2 converter and PS/2->USB converter:

There was a NetBSD seminar and jun@, isaki@ and Oshima-san
had presentations about NetBSD and Hiroshima, Twitter client
on NetBSD/x68k, and sprite graphic driver on NetBSD/x68k:

More pictures are available on Togetter page:

We and visitors had a pleasure day at OSC Hiroshima again :-)

Izumi Tsutsui

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