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NetBSD booth ath Open Source Conference 2014 Shimane

Jun Ebihara wrote on port-arm@:

> I've updated 2014-08-23-netbsd-raspi.img.gz for RPI.
> For OpenSourceConference 2014 Shimane NetBSD booth
> (
> demonstration use, I've updated raspberry-pi image.

As Ebihara-san announced, the Japan NetBSD Users' Group held
a NetBSD booth at the Open Source Conference 2014 Shimane on August 23:

OSC Shimane is smaller conference (11 booths and 15 seminars)
than the previous OSC Kansai@Kyoto, but
we exhibited NetBSD machines on our booth:

- Raspberry Pi with LCD display (handmade by jun@) via HDMI
- HP 9000/425e (including new arcofi(4) audio driver demo)
- Sony NWS-5000 (and NetBSD/i386 as a serial console)
- Sharp NetWalker
- XM6i (X680x0 emulator) running NetBSD/x68k and Human68k on Windows
- Sun Java Station (didn't boot due to server setting problem though)

I'd like to report it with pictures again.

Starting booth exhibision:

More booth pictures:

 Some visitors said "NetBSD has the most chaos booth"

Raspberry Pi running the new 2014-08-23-netbsd-raspi.img image:

 The typical problem of the Raspberry Pi on the booth is
 it's "too small" to appeal.  Many visitors asked about
 Ebihara-san's LCD (connected to the RPi via HDMI) first,
 then we explained it was drived by the RPi running NetBSD
 and Twitter client.

 Ebihara-san's LCD backpanel and PCB:

 The typical our explanation is:
 "You can also use your >40" LCD TV in your living room
  for your RPi to demonstrate your Twitter timeline by mikutter."

In this time Sony's new thin HDMI cable is much useful at the booth:

 Downsizing is also important for Ebihara-san to participate
 all OSC in Japan..

Other RPi cases (not running due to space):

 It's better to show RPi silk symbolmark on the PCB without cover?

HP9000/425e, contributed by Miod Vallat (OpenBSD/hp300 maintainer): 

 This HP425e was also demonstrated at OSunC 2014 Kagawa:

 but in this time it also demonstrated tunes as BGM with
 new arcofi(4) audio driver ported OpenBSD/hp300:

Starting HP9000/425e:

Typical bootup and "login:" prompt:

  This HP9000/425e also had 32GB SSD (via STAT-IDE and IDE-SCSI adaptors).

Starting mlterm-fb + mikutter + mikutterm, as LUNA-II at OSC Kyoto:

 The framebuffer on HP425e supported 256 colors, but currently
 there is no info how we can handle color palette using on-board
 Bt458 RAMDAC chip so demonstrated with "--colors=false" option.

Twitter timeline with userstream on yet another 1990's m68k machine:

 The conversion of color graphics (twitter icons and attached pic)
 into monochrome is handled by img2sixel utility in libsixel package:

 This libsixel's mono conversion have been improved and
 updated after this OSC Shimane per my reports:

 This is yet another good example of "event driven developments" :-)

HP425e playing tunes (sorry for bad video audio settings): 

 This "mikutter's drum'n bass" tune is composed by @polamjag
 and it was converted to 8kHz mono u-law format, as 90's SPARC machines.

"Powered by HP"

 This "Powered by HP" plate was also contributed by HP Japan guys
 who were impressed by Ebihara-san's hpcarm machines (Jornada etc)
 at the past OSC booth many years ago.

HP9000 Japanese HIL keyboard:

 The support of Apollo Domain keyboard is still in my TODO list..
 (Domain mouse needs more tweaks in current driver)

Sharp Netwalker (by Mochida-san) running NetBSD/evbarm:

Running OpenWindows on SunOS on TME emulator on NetBSD on the Netwalker:

Sony NWS-5000 (by Nakaji-san):

 It has R4400 CPU and currently framebuffer in this NWS-5000 model
 is not supported so serial console is connected to NetBSD/i386 laptop.

XM6i (Sharp X680x0 emulator) demo by isaki@:

 Three X68030 emulators were running on the Core i7 ThinkPad
 and they were still faster then the real X68030 (MC68030 25MHz).

Sun Javastation (by Mochida-san):

 Unfortunately it had a trouble to netboot, but the Javastation
 worked at OSC 2013 shimane:

Ebihara-san also held a NetBSD seminar and advocated NetBSD :-)

As usual, misc other materials, OSC Award, stickers, and leaflet etc:

The next OSC is Open Source Conference 2014 Hiroshima on September 20
Probably several (real) X680x0 machines will be demonstrated.

Have fun,
Izumi Tsutsui

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