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HP9000/425e support at Open Source unConference 2014 Kagawa


Recently Miod Vallat kindly sent his HP9000/425e to me after
OpenBSD/hp300 EOL, and then I've been working on 425e device support
of NetBSD/hp300.

Last weekend I also exhibited the 425e on the NetBSD booth at
Open Source unConference (small conference) 2014 Kagawa.
There were also Raspberry Pi and Sharp NetWalker running NetBSD/evbarm.

I'd like to show pictures of these NetBSD machines for advocacy :-)

The conference room:

 There were various (~11) booth by open source groups and individuals.

NetBSD booth:

Unpacking HP9000/425e:

Startup of Boot ROM monitor:

Bootloader loading a kernel:

 Note sti(4) support was added the day before the conference:

Booting NetBSD/hp300:


Self dmesg:

The "compact" 425e: 

apollo "Series 400" badge:

People taking 425e pictures:

Presentation by Ebihara-san (jun@):

Sharp Netwalker running NetBSD/evbarm and "Xnp2" PC-9801 emulator:

RPi running NetBSD/evbarm and Twitter client "mikutter":

RPi running "XM6i" Sharp X680x0 emulator:

 Note it just says "Error occurs. Please reset." message..
 (xm6i is still unstable on arm, while it works fine on x86)

HP9000/425e starting "mlterm-fb":

 mlterm is a terminal emulator for X11 and mlterm-fb also supports
 NetBSD's wscons based framebuffer, including hp300 sti(4) and
 other m68k machines like luna68k and x68k.

 mmap support for sti(4) framebuffer is not committed yet because
 it worked with very ugly hacks implemented for the conference.
 Furthermore, 256 color mode had some trouble (or too late to
 choose pseudo colors?) so demonstrated with --colors=false settings.

HP9000/425e starting "tw" ruby-based Twitter client on mlterm-fb:

So hard to create https connections:

 https timeout for streaming connection is "only" five seconds ;-(

Twitter Timeline with user icon on HP9000/425e:

It can also show attached pictures!:

 This is modified version of "tw" which has Sixel Graphic support
 by Araki Ken, an author of mlterm:

"Tw" on HP9000/425e and "mikutter" on Pentium-M Let's Note:

Back panel of HP9000/425e:

 425e has a modern VGA connector so I don't have to prepare
 a Sync-on-Green CRT or VGA converter 8-)

P.S. NetBSD sticker for your "Super-key" by kano@:

More pictures are available on Togetter page (in Japanese):

On NetBSD, m68k machines are still alive :-)

Many thanks to Miod, and also Ebihara-san who holds NetBSD booth
on *all* Open Source Conference in Japan:

Izumi Tsutsui

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