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Re: Supported graphics (in HEAD)

    Date:        Sat, 07 May 2022 14:28:12 +1000
    From:        matthew green <>
    Message-ID:  <>

Thanks for the reply.

  | the GTX 16xx are both in the recent supported list for
  | new drm,

Thanks, I might try one to see.   But where is that list?
I searched everywhere I could think of, and could not find it.

  | but the Radeons are not there (these are Navi
  | 2x GPUs, and new drm only went to Navi 1x.)

How about the RX 550 ?   I forgot that one when I sent the message

  | i don't know how well they work thought, so if you can
  | find something older, like geforce 700 series,

Does the RTX T400 or T600 count as older?   I had assumed not,
but I know less than nothing about any of this.

Of course if I could find the "supported" list(s) (as applicable
to current HEAD) I might be able to answer these questions for
myself.   Supported means by both the kernel & X server (base
or pkgsrc) naturally.

  | my 2c.

Thanks, worth more than that.

I was kind of hoping (dreaming) that someone might say "If you
really don't care about acceleration" (I don't) "then just disable
xxxxx using userconf" (needing to build a custom kernel fine as well)
"and it should just work" (for any one of the 3 possible gpu types).


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