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re: Supported graphics (in HEAD)

Robert Elz writes:
>     Date:        Sat, 07 May 2022 14:28:12 +1000
>     From:        matthew green <>
>     Message-ID:  <>
> Thanks for the reply.
>   | the GTX 16xx are both in the recent supported list for
>   | new drm,
> Thanks, I might try one to see.   But where is that list?
> I searched everywhere I could think of, and could not find it.

it's not obvious.  i usually start with the PCI frontend that
points to a list of pciids, and then you have to match those
to product names.

nvidia is actually a little easier because we support everything
upto the latest GTX 30 series.

eg, sys/external/bsd/drm2/nouveau/nouveau_pci.c:

         * NetBSD drm2/5.6 doesn't support Ampere (GTX 30 series) based cards:
         *   0x2080-0x20ff      GA100
         *   0x2200-0x227f      GA102
         *   0x2300-0x237f      GA103
         *   0x2480-0x24ff      GA104
         *   0x2500-0x257f      GA106
         *   0x2580-0x25ff      GA107
         * TU116 (GTX 16xx) occupies the space from 0x2180-0x21ff.

for radeon sys/external/bsd/drm2/radeon/radeon_pci.c:

radeon_pci_lookup(const struct pci_attach_args *pa, unsigned long *flags)
        if ((PCI_VENDOR(pa->pa_id) == radeon_device_ids[i].vendor) &&
	    (PCI_PRODUCT(pa->pa_id) == radeon_device_ids[i].device))

so then you have to find radeon_device_ids[] and realise it's setup
with the list in "radeon_PCI_IDS".

for amdgpu the list is directly in dist/drm/amd/amdgpu/amdgpu_drv.c.

i don't have a good solution for mapping pciids to products, but
searching the internet usually finds stuff.

>   | but the Radeons are not there (these are Navi
>   | 2x GPUs, and new drm only went to Navi 1x.)
> How about the RX 550 ?   I forgot that one when I sent the message
> yesterday.

RX 550 mostly works.  it's been a while since i tried and this is
actually a card i have..

>   | i don't know how well they work thought, so if you can
>   | find something older, like geforce 700 series,
> Does the RTX T400 or T600 count as older?   I had assumed not,
> but I know less than nothing about any of this.

T400 and T600 are maybe supported.  they live in the very most
recently supported list for nvidia, being Turing chipsets, so
they should at least attempt to attach and work, but i've only
heard of someone attempting the previous generation (these are
the same chips as GTX 20 series.)

> Of course if I could find the "supported" list(s) (as applicable
> to current HEAD) I might be able to answer these questions for
> myself.   Supported means by both the kernel & X server (base
> or pkgsrc) naturally.
>   | my 2c.
> Thanks, worth more than that.
> I was kind of hoping (dreaming) that someone might say "If you
> really don't care about acceleration" (I don't) "then just disable
> xxxxx using userconf" (needing to build a custom kernel fine as well)
> "and it should just work" (for any one of the 3 possible gpu types).

nia's answer here should be useful :-)


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