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re: Supported graphics (in HEAD)

> What I need from the new one is no different than I needed
> then, a flat frame buffer, capable of supporting 3 high res
> monitors (3840x2160, 1440x2560 (portrait mode), and 2560x1080.)

it's the 3840x2160 that makes the older cards not potential
for your requirements -- they're max at 2560x1440 IIRC.

> The oldest addin graphics cards avaikable to me are:
> 	Radeon RX 6500
> 	Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650
> but those don't really offer suitable monitor connections.
> There are Nvidia 1030's listed, but all "not available".
> Next are:
> 	Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660
> 	Radeon RX 6600
> Which look as if they might be workable, if supported.

the GTX 16xx are both in the recent supported list for
new drm, but the Radeons are not there (these are Navi
2x GPUs, and new drm only went to Navi 1x.)

i don't know how well they work thought, so if you can
find something older, like geforce 700 series, that is
likely to work better (i have a 730 in one of my systems,
and besides tripping on a libdrm_nouveau assert once --
which mean X crashed unfortunately -- it has been fine.)

my 2c.


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