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Re: Help with libcurses and lynx under NetBSD-9 and -current?

On Wed, 27 Jan 2021, Brian Buhrow wrote:

1.  How do I get pkgsrc/www/lynx to compile using -ncurses instead of the native curses
library?  I tried setting various options in /etc/mk.conf, but it looks like  it really wants
to compile using the native curses library.  I tried changing in the pkgsrc
directory, but  I apparently don't fully understand the maze of pkgsrc Makefiles.

I'm not a pkgsrc expert either, but, have a look at:

For ncurses:
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=	--enable-termcap

For lynx:
Set SCREENTYPE to ncursesw in /etc/mk.conf?

I usually build both ncurses and lynx on my own using the
./configure; make; make install idiom:


1. CFLAGS="${CFLAGS/-flto -fpie /-fpic }" CXXFLAGS="${CXXFLAGS/-flto -fpie /-fpic }" \
   LDFLAGS="${LDFLAGS/-pie /}" ./configure \
        --prefix=/opt/ncurses --enable-symlinks --with-manpage-symlinks \
        --with-x11-rgb=/usr/X11R7/lib/X11/rgb.txt \
        --enable-widec --enable-sp-funcs --enable-const --enable-ext-colors \
        --enable-ext-mouse --enable-ext-putwin \
        --enable-sigwinch --enable-wgetch-events --enable-tcap-names \
        --enable-bsdpad --enable-colorfgbg --enable-termcap \
        --with-pthread --enable-pthreads-eintr --enable-reentrant --enable-weak-symbols \
        --without-debug --disable-overwrite --without-curses-h --with-termlib \
        --with-cxx-shared --with-shared --disable-echo

2. make

3. make install


1. PATH=$PATH:/opt/ncurses/bin CFLAGS="${CFLAGS/-flto /}" ./configure \
        --prefix=/opt/lynx --disable-echo --enable-vertrace \
        --disable-nls --enable-ipv6 --with-screen=ncursesw \
        --enable-widec --enable-local-docs --with-ssl --enable-cjk \
        --enable-japanese-utf8 --enable-wcwidth-support \
        --enable-default-colors --enable-kbd-layout --enable-nested-tables \
        --enable-charset-choice --enable-externs --enable-change-exec \
        --enable-internal-links --enable-nsl-fork --enable-syslog \
        --enable-underlines --with-bzlib --with-zlib

2. make

3. make install install-doc install-help


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