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Re: Help with libcurses and lynx under NetBSD-9 and -current?

	Hello.  Thanks for the feedback.  Some followup questions:

1.  How do I get pkgsrc/www/lynx to compile using -ncurses instead of the native curses
library?  I tried setting various options in /etc/mk.conf, but it looks like  it really wants
to compile using the native curses library.  I tried changing in the pkgsrc
directory, but  I apparently don't fully understand the maze of pkgsrc Makefiles.

2.  I think you're right about terminfo versus termcap, but vi(1) works the same way and it
works fine with window(1) in full screen mode.  Also, lynx definitely draws a full screen, so
it seems like it partially works.

I created a .terminfo directory in my home directory to translate the termcap info to the
terminfo form, but it doesn't look like that's getting used.  perhaps it is and my problem is
that I have an imperfect mapping between termcap and terminfo that works with vi, more, top,
etc. but isn't good enough for lynx.


On Jan 27,  9:17am, RVP wrote:
} Subject: Re: Help with libcurses and lynx under NetBSD-9 and -current?
} This might be due to the fact that window(1) relies on setting a
} custom TERMCAP environment variable to inform programs running
} under it of the term. capabilities it supports, and the curses
} library no longer makes use of that.
} With ncurses, building it with the `--enable-termcap' option
} makes it use the TERMCAP variable if it set in the environment.
} The ncurses(w) in pkgsrc is not built with that option, so, I
} compiled the latest ncurses from source with that option added
} and lynx -show_cursor worked just fine under window(1).
} -RVP
>-- End of excerpt from RVP

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