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Re: File corruption?

Robert Nestor <> writes:

> I’ve downloaded and installed 9.99.38 (Jan 17 build) and the original
> problem I was seeing with “git” is gone.  However, I’m now seeing a
> new problem with file corruption, but it only seems to happen when I
> do a normal shutdown.  If I do a “shutdown -r now” to shutdown and

You say "corruption", but then you say "filesystems are dirty".  Are you
actually finding files with bad contents?

> reboot the system I see a crash during the shutdown phase and on
> subsequent reboot the filesystems are all dirty. There is an assertion
> about uvm_page I think, but it quickly disappears on the reboot.

Are you saying that if you "shutdown now", that the system shuts down
with the crash?  And that there are then files with bad contents?

> Is there a log file someplace that is written on the shutdown or is
> there an easy way for me to capture the traceback before it disappears
> off my screen?  There’s no crash file produced.

crash dumps may not be enabled.  You could also enable ddb and do the
shutdown not using X, and then get a trace there.

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