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Re: panic on zpool create

On Wed, 8 Jan 2020 at 02:51, Brian Buhrow <> wrote:
>         hello David.  I wonder if you're running into another manifestation
> of kern/54724, which shows zfs corrupting kernel memory in NetBSD-9.  I
> show the problem having to do with xen, but I now believe the problem is
> entirely with zfs and it was only coincidental that I ran into it with xen.
> I left the machine in question, running zfs, for a month, doing  pretty
> much nothing, but when I came back to it, I got weird messages like, proc
> table is full.  There were a lot of process running, but I couldn't
> determine which one was the one that was "really" stuck, since the number
> of commands I could run was extremely limited.

That could be - the two boxes where I'm running zfs without issue are
both relatively low usage - mainly syncthing with a little nginx &

I have another data point on my 'panic on zfs_mount()' box - if I take
it to multi-user, then shutdown to single user, umount all filesystems
except '/' and run 'zpool create -f bob wd0' it still panics, which
is... interesting, given booting to single user, running 'mount /' and
'zpool create -f bob wd0' runs without incident.

Its a Dell T320 with ECC memory, and has previously run for long
periods without issue, so I'm relatively confident on the hardware

I think my next tests will be

a) boot single user, test the zpool create & destroy, continue boot to
multi user, shutdown back to single user and retest the zpool create &
destroy to see if the first mount/umount sets state that lets the
second work

b) disable all services & retest

c) get a current kernel and full set of modules on the system and retest

... back to the dance of poking it semi-randomly with a stick to see
what falls off ...


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