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Re: What to do with base X11 for netbsd-9 ?

The glitches in 'xdm' input fields are annoying.  While only cosmetic,
they may have a negative impact on external perceptions of NetBSD.

The functional issue is with the xf86-video-intel driver.  It does not
work on any of my amd64 systems using intel graphics devices.  (It does
work well on older i386 systems using real i82915 chips or ancient i82810e

I have not yet had a chance to try the re-imported older (2014?) video
driver for intel.

In the meantime, the "modesetting" driver seems to be adequate, but I
have not extensively tested video yet, other than firefox/youtube.  The
couple of times I've fired up 'mpv' it worked but seemed to complain
about software rendering and dumped core on exit.

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