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Re: What to do with base X11 for netbsd-9 ? ("John D. Baker") writes:

>The glitches in 'xdm' input fields are annoying.  While only cosmetic,
>they may have a negative impact on external perceptions of NetBSD.

Yes, ancient code, that wasn't far from perfect, got "improved".
But it should be easy to fix.

>The functional issue is with the xf86-video-intel driver.  It does not
>work on any of my amd64 systems using intel graphics devices.  (It does
>work well on older i386 systems using real i82915 chips or ancient i82810e

It seems to work on my laptop (Sandy Bridge graphics).

>In the meantime, the "modesetting" driver seems to be adequate, but I
>have not extensively tested video yet, other than firefox/youtube.  The
>couple of times I've fired up 'mpv' it worked but seemed to complain
>about software rendering and dumped core on exit.

Yes, the coredump is annoying. Probably some atexit() issue again.

                                Michael van Elst
                                "A potential Snark may lurk in every tree."

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