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Re: Branch for netbsd 9 upcoming, please help and test -current

Yesterday I updated my machine (on i386 port, code base probably few days behind from latest) and I had few observations:

1) upgrade using didn't build/install kernel modules it seems (using distribution goal). I needed to build them separately and use installmodules. Is it intended change, since I don't remember doing that before?

2) Not all modules built successfully. I think it failed on i915drmkms.

3) trying to connect to this PC using ssh fails with sshd[683]: fatal: xrecallocarray: out of memory (0 elements out of 24 bytes).

Have anyone experienced this or is it my build issue only?

Andrius V

On Sun, Apr 28, 2019, 11:25 Andreas Gustafsson <> wrote:
Kamil Rytarowski wrote:
>>>   port-sparc/53277: Many ubsan tests fail on sparc
> Please recheck sparc and sparc64 with:
> src/external/gpl3/gcc/dist/libsanitizer/sanitizer_common/
> r.1.30

I have now rechecked sparc (only, since the tests never failed on
sparc64), and the failures still occur:

But I also see that these are new tests failing since inception, not
new failures of an existing test, so it's not really a regression and
I shouldn't have included it on my list of regressions.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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